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Proper Lighting Can Minimize Eye Strain At Work

The digital world is beautiful. It is always filled with lights and it is always so lively. There are sounds everywhere and makes the world a smaller place for everyone, which is not always bad. However, there are also setbacks. With our devices all lit up with LED bulbs of different capacities, our eyes get strained. In bright conditions, our eye pupils contract in order to filter the amount of light. But it can only contract so much that very bright lights are still able to pass through. This causes a lot of stress to the eye muscles. Most people who work in front of a computer too long and welders will definitely experience this kind of issue. In the long run, if proper lighting is not observed, more eye complications will definitely develop.

What is Proper Lighting?
Proper lighting is present if your eyes do not exert too much effort in its focus thus preventing eye strain. The worst thing about improper lighting is the fact that we don’t really realize that the lighting is bad until something wrong happens. If the light is too focused on one area that we are looking at, the eye exerts more effort in focusing on that area. This usually happens at night, when the bedroom lights are off and people use their mobile phones, not to mention the proximity of the light source to their eyes. Proper lighting is best achieved when the light is equal in most parts of your visual range, or if the light is not too focused on your eyes. For example, having the night light beside you is bad, but having it behind you at an angle is good especially if you are reading a book. You can also avoid using your phone when the room lights are off. This will make sure that the light is not too focused in one spot.

The Right Kind of Bulbs
There are many lighting fixtures being sold in the market and most of them are cool white. These things are not good since they produce too much UV light. This can affect us a lot especially with eye strain. Using LED lights, warm white fluorescent lamps and other fixtures with minimal UV rays are the best. Daylight LED bulbs can be your best friend since they mimic the quality of sunlight. Although it cannot be a good replacement for real sunlight, which is really healthy, it can be a substitute especially in the digital age where this is necessary.