Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) and Glaucoma – A Short Review

PEA is an endocannabinoid. Our bodies normally produce endocannabinoids, for example, PEA. Certain nourishments, for example, nut oil, egg yolk, and soybean lecithin likewise contain PEA. On the off chance that the expression “endocannabinoid” sounds recognizable, it is on the grounds that “cannabis” is the term used to depict plants that produce delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (the primary dynamic fixing in the pot). You’ve most likely heard that weed (cannabis) can be utilized to treat glaucoma. There is proof that cannabinoids can be utilized to treat glaucoma. We certainly need all the more comprehension of Palmitoylethanolamide.

PEA is normally found in the entire body (the eye tissue that produces watery liquid). In patients with glaucoma, there is a diminished measure of PEA in the ciliary body.[5] It makes sense that on the off chance that patients with glaucoma have less PEA in their eyes, at that point maybe expanding the measure of PEA could treat glaucoma.

In fact, there are currently different examinations in which PEA has been appeared to bring down the intraocular pressure – IOP. Studies distributed in 2009 and 2012 looking at PEA against fake treatment showed a measurably noteworthy decrease in IOP with the utilization of PEA. A different report was introduced at a global gathering in 2013. Right now that got PEA had lower IOP and were more averse to lose vision.

PEA isn’t very cheap, but it is affordable. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are keen on taking Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) as a characteristic treatment for glaucoma, the industrially accessible structure, Pain Pro is $40-50 for a bundle of 90x400mg containers. As the investigation assessed patients who took an aggregate of 600mg every day the month to month cost of this treatment would be $45-60/month.


Eye Health and Sleep

When people get to know that I’m a doctor running his own clinic, they immediately come up with questions that are at least remotely medically related. Why’s my hair falling off? Does this rash mean something serious? Why am I getting old? Well, it’s a natural and unavoidable process. But are the symptoms of aging as natural as our getting older? What most people don’t know is that some of those symptoms are actually self-induced, albeit unknowingly. And one of those unknown culprits is lack of sleep. This article focuses on the need for sleeping properly and how to use it as an anti-aging agent.


So how does shutting your eyes and brain help reduce signs of aging? To be honest, that’s just a side effect of the function. But an obvious and clearly observable one. But to understand that, you need to know what happens if you don’t get enough sleep:

Reduced blood pressure: Regular lack of sleep leads to a stable low rate of blood pressure and consequently, poor circulation. This makes your complexion dull. Puffy eye and dark circles are also results of lowered blood circulation rate.

Loss of collagen: Collagen works as our skin’s structural framework or support and is produced in enhanced quantity during sleep. But if you don’t get enough rest, cortisol, which is the prime stress hormone produced by our body, is also produced excessively and breaks down collagen. This leads to sagging and prominent wrinkling.

Loss of growth hormones: Growth hormones are produced only during the deep sleep state. These hormones compensate for the damaged cells by repairing them and producing new ones. Interrupt this process regularly and you risk the possibility of extreme fatigue.

Change in micro-expressions: Micro-expressions are the little things we do with our faces: slight frown, lopsided curves near the edges of our mouth. Humans have an inbuilt tendency to pick this signs up subconsciously. Lack of sleep leads to “tighten nerves” and consequently, sustained micro-expressions which give the impression of always being tired. A tired face and posture make their wielder appear older than they actually are.


So naturally the question rises: how much sleep is enough sleep? 7 to 9 hours every night. But that’s 7 to 9 hours straight. You can’t just sleep for 6 hours a night hoping to catch another couple of hours of shuteye during the day to satisfy the requirement. The minimum 7 hours is needed for your body to create growth hormones and repair the damage to your cells, including your eyes, which occur as part of our natural processes. If you rest for 5/6 hours, you’re not even meeting the minimum extreme and simply add to more damaged cell counts. The next 2-hour rest would have their hands full with repairing the cells your body damaged after your woke up from the 5/6 hours’ sleep, not during.


But to be honest, most people don’t get that much sleep these days. And by so doing, they end up damaging their sleep cycle. The wake-sleep cycle is our anatomy’s internal method of signalling when it’s time to sleep and when to wake up. The rest period kicks in as the sun goes down. Regular sleep deprivation leaves this clock confused and could even lead to insomnia.

This breaking of cycle happens due to the interrupted production of melatonin, our sleep inducing hormone. But there are ways to remedy that.

Banana, sour cherry/morello, tomato, oats are natural sources of melatonin. Consume them regularly as the sun goes down and your body’s capacity to produce it would be complemented. This is especially crucial for people who follow strict workout routines.

As you can see, proper amount of sleep makes your body healthier and leads to reduced signs of aging and improved vision. It’s the best anti-aging agent you have at your disposal. Anti-aging products can’t make miracles if your deprive yourself of this crucial requirement.


The Most Common Eyesight Problems

Take care of your eyes. This is an advice that you can hear from thoughtful people who knows how to value their overall health. When you talk about health, most people only talk about losing the excess weight. They only talk about how you can reduce your weight in the best ways possible. You often talk about exercise too. But, there are also other areas that you should not forget. You should not forget that there are also other concerns like your eyes. Your eyes will not get any better throughout time this is a fact. But it is also a fact that you can maintain good eyesight if you know the right ways to do it.

Always make sure that you are aware of what is going on with your eyes. If you feel any problems at all, then you need to check out with a doctor. You can also gauge the symptoms with the conditions is if you know enough information. It will really be helpful for you to do this as you can easily detect what you need to fix right away. You need to be able to detect eyesight problems first before you can cure it. As what can you cure, if you do not know what is wrong? This is really true, right?

What Are Some Of The Most Common Problems?
Do not delve into deeper topics just yet and just stick to common problems. Most probably, your symptoms belong to one of the common problems that most people feel and encounter. It will be easy for you to detect if you know enough regarding the things to know. Read on to know some of the most common problems.

  • Far-sightedness: This is one of the most common eye problems and most people can easily detect this as they can feel it most especially if they are looking at something.
  • Near-sightedness: This is the opposite of the previously mentioned eye problem and you can also easily detect this.
  • Astigmatism: This is the condition wherein there are differences in your eyesight on the left and right.

The Steps To Do After
After knowing what you need to cure, you need to visit a doctor and talk about the eyesight problems that you may have. They can also help you correct your own diagnostics. It is better if you let them handle this stage too. After, you can proceed with the treatment with the help of your doctor.


Can You Find Cataract Eye Drops At A Drugstore?

Eye care includes the early prevention of diseases such as cataracts. Eye care also includes the use of cataract eye drops since it prevents the full development of cataracts. However, it is imperative to find out if there is a cataract developing in the eyes in order to prevent it from fully developing. We can only do this if we are going for regular checkups. The best thing that we can do is visit the doctor regularly and know the signs of developing diseases. Self-medication is never suggested because we cannot really do the tests ourselves. Once the eye drops are prescribed, you can easily find cataract eye drops in drug stores.

Generic Options
Most of the cataract eye drops that you can find in drugstores are branded kinds. These are naturally expensive. The good news is that there are generic options and we can definitely find cataract eye drops that are not branded. You should not worry because these things are made with the same formula and therefore, as effective as their branded counterparts. The only thing missing is the brand and the fact that it was manufactured by large companies. For people who do not have insurance, this is the best option. This is also very good for people who are on a budget but definitely needs to do something about their eyes.

Internet Market
There are also available products on the internet and most of the times, they are a lot cheaper. Most people just go for products that are available on the market and this is not necessarily a bad thing. After all you can get it right away. However, there are some good products that are available only in other countries making it hard to acquire. This is especially true for cannabis-based medicine. The best thing about the products on the internet is the fact that there are so many deals available on the internet making it a lot cheaper.

There is some danger in buying from the internet, especially if you are buying from sources that are not really safe and recommended by the government in which it is in. there are a lot of sellers who are recognized by authorities so always go for this option. After all, all you have to do is read the comments. Reading reviews about the products and the seller is also a very important thing to do so always do this before buying anything from the internet.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

A Way To Avoid Cataract Surgery: Can-C Eye Drops

The eyes or one of the most used organs of the body. This is the reason why they are more prone to contracting diseases if people are having an unhealthy lifestyle. The eyes are also well-known to develop diseases as individuals grow older. One of the most common diseases that people might contract when they age is a cataract. This can take a toll on their body a lot for they will not be able to function properly if their eyes are not working optimally.

Solution For Cataracts
People who suffer from cataracts on one or both their eyes need to get treatment as soon as possible. This is to avoid being permanently blinded by the disease. Getting a cataract removal operation is the most popular way of removing the cataract that has formed on the lens of a person’s eye. However, just like any operations, there is a chance that people can suffer from complications. One of these is the retinal detachment. Also, there is also a chance that the eye might get an infection or that the eye might bleed.

Safer Way Of Treating Cataracts
Nowadays people do not have to fear anymore because there is now an alternative for patients who suffer from cataracts. They do not have to book for an expensive and risky cataract removal surgery anymore because they can just purchase the product that is known today as Can-C eye drops.

How Can This Product Cure Cataracts?
Some people might be skeptical about this product because of the fact that they are already used to the cataract removal surgery. However, people should not eliminate the eye drops in their possible attempt to get rid of their cataracts. The reason for this is that the Can-C eye drops are scientifically proven and tested. And at the end of these tests, it is found out that it can truly help people who are suffering from cataracts in just a matter of months.

What Makes This Product An Effective Treatment For Cataracts?
The reason why this product is effective when it comes to helping people get rid of cataracts on their eyes is due to the fact that it made from ingredients that can treat cataracts that have formed on the lens of the eyes. Additionally, the ingredients are natural and they are found out to be safe for long-term use. This just says that using this treatment is effective and safe for people to use.

Probiotics and Eye Health

Leaky gut allows unwanted yet innocent food particles to enter into the blood stream where they are treated as invaders by the body. The immune system fires up and wages an all out war, thinking these innocent particles are pathogens. Symprove is an all natural probiotic supplement designed to restore gut health and bring your critters back into balance. This helps stabilize inflammation and reduce the chances of an autoimmune attack on your eyes.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Proper Lighting Can Minimize Eye Strain At Work

The digital world is beautiful. It is always filled with lights and it is always so lively. There are sounds everywhere and makes the world a smaller place for everyone, which is not always bad. However, there are also setbacks. With our devices all lit up with LED bulbs of different capacities, our eyes get strained. In bright conditions, our eye pupils contract in order to filter the amount of light. But it can only contract so much that very bright lights are still able to pass through. This causes a lot of stress to the eye muscles. Most people who work in front of a computer too long and welders will definitely experience this kind of issue. In the long run, if proper lighting is not observed, more eye complications will definitely develop.

What is Proper Lighting?
Proper lighting is present if your eyes do not exert too much effort in its focus thus preventing eye strain. The worst thing about improper lighting is the fact that we don’t really realize that the lighting is bad until something wrong happens. If the light is too focused on one area that we are looking at, the eye exerts more effort in focusing on that area. This usually happens at night, when the bedroom lights are off and people use their mobile phones, not to mention the proximity of the light source to their eyes. Proper lighting is best achieved when the light is equal in most parts of your visual range, or if the light is not too focused on your eyes. For example, having the night light beside you is bad, but having it behind you at an angle is good especially if you are reading a book. You can also avoid using your phone when the room lights are off. This will make sure that the light is not too focused in one spot.

The Right Kind of Bulbs
There are many lighting fixtures being sold in the market and most of them are cool white. These things are not good since they produce too much UV light. This can affect us a lot especially with eye strain. Using LED lights, warm white fluorescent lamps and other fixtures with minimal UV rays are the best. Daylight LED bulbs can be your best friend since they mimic the quality of sunlight. Although it cannot be a good replacement for real sunlight, which is really healthy, it can be a substitute especially in the digital age where this is necessary.


Cataract Surgery – When Medicare Will Pay For It

Having cataracts
Having cataracts can be quite irritating especially if it is near to blindness. It is annoying in a way that your vision is clouded and eventually will be lost. Cataract is a condition where the lens of the eyes is clouded. This happens as the person grows old although not everyone is affected by this condition. The protein in the lens of the eye degrades and later on clouds the lens, therefore, causing vision loss to the person who has this condition. Most people start getting cataracts at the age of 40 until they grow old. It is important to keep your vision in check; you may never know that you have cataracts already. Although, it is very obvious once it proliferated already.

There are many people that do not opt for the treatment of surgery because of the worries of how much it will cause. So the question remains for American citizens: does medicare cover cataract surgery? Usually, Medicare does not pay for the person’s vision care but it will cover the cataract surgery. The cataract surgery is under outpatient services. So the next time you worry about the cost, and to the question does medicare cover cataract surgery?

There are other insurances that also provide medical services under eye conditions especially cataract surgery. The surgery can be quite expensive if you do not have insurance.

Cataract surgery
The cataract surgery is a procedure where the lens is to be removed and will be replaced by an artificial lens. Due to the cataract, the eye lens gets cloud and thus makes your vision blurry. The surgery will not really last long and it is under outpatient services. This means that the patient does not have to stay in the hospital after the surgery. The surgery is very common and a safe procedure. It has a high success rate and is performed many times every now and then. Cataract surgery has been proven to be the best treatment for cataracts and is actually recommended once the condition worsens.

There are many ways to prevent such conditions but to some people, it is quite inevitable. Just like any other condition, such things can be prevented. One of the things you can do is eat foods that are a good source of vitamin E and carotenoids. This will help you have healthy eyes. You can also take antioxidant vitamins to reduce the risk of cataracts.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

What Causes Cataracts To Develop?

It is imperative that people educate themselves in health-related matters. It is already a good position when you consider yourself informed of important stuff. You can also be sure that you can take care of yourself if you know what you are dealing with or what you want to take care of in the first place. You can also do a lot of improvisations and combinations of methods when dealing with health and fitness if you know the technicalities.

You can even consult with health specialists for your health. But first, you need to do a checkup so that you can know what you are dealing with. You should go to a doctor to have your eyes checked too. This is especially true if you are experiencing something different than what you are normally experiencing. One of the most diagnosed eye defects is eye cataracts. When it comes to this defect, you should know what causes cataracts.

Why Should You Know The “What”?
Knowing what you are dealing with is important if you want to treat it in the first place. Treatment cannot start without any understanding. You should be careful when dealing with what you have, especially if your eyes are already sensitive. You should know what causes it in order to treat it. Your doctor can help you with this aspect so you do not need to be that worried at all. You can also help others prevent it by advising them on what to not do or what not to practice at all.

What Cause This Defect?
Well you should know what causes this defect. You can do your own research or you can read helpful books. You can even do it while discussing with your doctors to confirm which facts are and which are not. Read on to know more on what causes cataracts.

  • Due to your age. Sometimes, this defect comes naturally with age. As you get older, there are more and more reasons for your eyes to get a defect, especially if you are not taking care of it. Therefore, keep an eye on it – what a pun that is.
  • Due to other illnesses. Sometimes, it can come with other serious illnesses.
  • Due to genetics. Sometimes, it comes with your genes.

What Should You Be Worried About?
You should be worried about the treatment as this one can be prevented and cured. With what you have, you need to worry about how you can go about the treatment. You can opt for a surgery or natural means – if you want to.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Why Eye Doctors Dilate Your Pupils At An Exam

Have you ever wondered why your eye doctor keeps on dilating your eyes? They make different moves in an eye exam. This could be very unusual but keeping your pupils dilated is the best way to check on your eyes. This will let your eyes’ condition be checked.

As the pupils were dilated, more light is going through your eyes. This will allow the doctor to see your retina and optic nerve more clearly. Having your eyes undilated will also help the doctor to see your retina and optic nerve. Compared to dilated, this one will only give them a little view of your eye’s insides.


To dilate the pupil, one can get an eye drop for their eyes to be dilated. The fully dilated process can take up to 15 – 30 minutes. As it was dilated, it is ready for examination. After the eye exam, it can subside or fade after a few hours. After the eye exam itself, your eyes can be sensitive to light. This will require you to get some sunglasses for your eye’s safety.

Why is it important?
Having dilated eyes let the other eye conditions be checked. There are a lot of eye conditions that require dilated eyes for eye exam. Also, this thing at an eye exam is important for most elderly ages. Most of the dilated eye exams are needed for old ages. This eye exam is required for most ages 40 and above.

What are the eye conditions that need dilated eye exams?
As important as it sounds, there are eye conditions that needed dilated pupils for examinations. It is the following.

Through a dilated pupil, the optic nerve has a better view. This will help the patients diagnosed with glaucoma. It will be the gateway to knowing if their condition is worse or getting better.

Macular degeneration
As one of the retinal diseases, age-related macular degeneration needs the dilated eye exam the most. This will be the great way to examine its condition and also the monitoring of the said eye condition.

There are lots of eye conditions that needed this eye exam. Other than glaucoma and macular degeneration, there are a lot more eye conditions that needed this dilated pupil for examinations. To get a better view of your retina and optic nerve, a dilated pupil for an eye exam is needed. Your eye doctor will tell you if you really needed this for your eye exam.